Quality control

The quality of the products makes every company competitive in the market and gives a possibility to achieve its goals.

Quality control department (QCD) is performing the quality control with help of laboratory. The laboratory is accredited to test vegetative raw material for it compliance with the Ukrainian Pharmacopeia requirements.

The company follows the requirements of the National and European Pharmacopoeia, practices and rules for the collection and cultivation of medicinal herbs and plants, GOST requirements, the International and Ukrainian legislation requirements in its activity

1 Incoming control. The QCD employees control incoming raw materials, its packing, transportation conditions for the visual damages;
2 Assigning production a lot number;
3 Sample selection of received products according to established methodic. There is the archive for sample storage. Having such archive gives an opportunity to compare samples with incoming lot as well as the dispatched products to the sample picked before the dispatch;
4 Identification and laboratory analysis of incoming products whereby a quality category is set to raw material. Then a protocol of laboratory analysis is issued;
5 A storage conditions control and product status control during the storage;
6 Dispatch orders analysis. Company also provides the clients recommendation concerning the selection of corresponding raw material;
7 Control of products quality during its processing. Performing the laboratory test for products to correspond client requirements;
8 Selecting of samples according to established methodic before the raw material shipment. Issue of a protocol of laboratory analysis before the shipment;
9 Recording and analysis of product liability claims;
10 Compliance control of norms and standards in work with vegetative medical raw materials;
11 Audit check, training and control of main products suppliers according to collection, storage, processing and transportation rules and requirements.

An effective quality control system makes possible to provide timely and deliberate action on quality of output products, warn about possible problems and crashes in work, it allows to detect and fix them shortly.

This system also allows to monitor raw materials and in case some problem occurs to determine it reasons.


«Sumyfitofarmacia» Ltd is certified by Quality Management System (ISO 9001-2008) and Food Safety Management System (ISO 22000-2005), and Organic Products Production System (BIO) standards.






appearance, color, smell and taste


moisture, ash, foreign materials, flavanoids and active ingredients content.


purity of raw material

The laboratory is equipped with up to date diagnostic devices which allow to control the quality of vegetative raw materials according to specified parameters.

Only after the laboratory conclusion is received, the decision about further product use ability is took. All requirements noted in norms and specifications are considered.

If quality of vegetative raw material does not correspond to requirements of regulatory documents, it will be forwarded to follow-up revision or returned to supplier. The corresponded raw materials are forwarded to production facilities for processing or to one of the warehouse storages.