«Sumyfitofarmacia» Ltd. started its activity from the medicinal vegetative raw materials direction


Spices are dried vegetables and herbs, seeds and fruits which can be used as ingredients for the food industry.


This direction allows us to use and process herbs not only for pharmaceutical market, but also for tea industry market

The benefits of cooperation with «Sumyfitofarmacia» Ltd

About company

«Sumyfitofarmacia» Ltd. is a Ukrainian company specialized on growing, collection, processing, producing and supplying of medicinal vegetative raw materials, spices and natural tea ingredients.
Except its main activity the enterprise does services in grinding, granulation, decontamination, producing of medicinal raw material powders.

«Sumyfitofarmacia» Ltd. is a leader in producing of raw materials for pharmaceutical and food-processing industries in Eastern Europe.


ISO 9001:2008
ISO 22000-2005
UA BIO-108


Str. Zalivnaja 11, 1 floor
40035, Sumy city, Ukraine

tel.: +38 0542 780 137, +38 0542 786 284
fax: +38 0542 786 379