A wide range of our products makes us a leader in the market. We work with more than 400 names of medicinal vegetative raw materials, which are grown and harvested in Ukraine or purchased in Asian, European, African and South American countries.

After years of experience, company has developed three directions:

Vegetative medicinal raw materials

“Sumyfitofarmacia” Ltd. started its activity from the medicinal vegetative raw materials direction.
By taking all traditions for cultivation and collection of medicinal herbs from scientific recommendations and requirements, which were officially issued like scientific publications and are official postulate for those who grow and collect herbs up to now, we developed our approach and process a large assortment of medicinal herbs nowadays.

For your attention we attach the list of medicinal herbs.


Spices are one of three company directions. Spices are dried vegetables and herbs, seeds and fruits which can be used as ingredients for the food industry. The range of spices is very diverse, their distribution and consumption is very wide.

Spices occupy a large niche in the food market of each country. Spices are the foundation of determining the cuisines of different countries. It always have been consumed and will be consumed, despite of any economic, politic and social problems in the world. The list of spices which we process and supply at this moment attached for your attention.

Natural tea ingredients

This direction allows us to use and process herbs not only for pharmaceutical market, but also for tea industry market. Tea market has been changed a lot in last years, after black and green tea, people started to consume larger assortment of teas like fruit teas, teas from medicinal and spicy herbs. Teas became not only health-giving beverage but also it started to give aroma, taste, and possibility to use it like means for diseases prophylaxis.

Having good established quality control system and possibility to do qualitative cleaning and to control microbiology, we are a supplier of big tea companies in the world. The list is for your attention
Probably a tea you are drinking, food supplement you are treating, or spice you are using were manufactured by our company to satisfy your needs.


Since 2010 our company is certified in accordance with EC Reg. 834/07 and 889/08 for collecting, processing and supplying of organic wild vegetative medical raw materials.

We would like to provide for your attention the list of BIO products.