Production process

Pre-sorting of raw materials. The operation is carried out manually or using special equipment. At this stage, the percentage of goods that do not meet the requirements of standards and specifications is reduced.
Grinding the goods depending on customer requirements: cutting raw materials, crushing them, producing filter batch fractions and producing powders.
Cleaning of raw materials. This operation is carried out before or after grinding, depending on the type of cleaning required. At this stage, a processing line is used, which may include air-separation, gravity and photosorting equipment;
Blending of vegetable raw materials. The process is necessary to achieve homogeneity of the product;
Packaging and labeling of raw materials

Also the processes of drying and finishing the drying are available. Our Laboratory and Quality control department controls the quality on all production process stages.

There are several production lines to fully complete processing of raw material.

There is a big variety of warehouses in “Sumyfitofarmacia” Ltd, a special storage area for organic products with special storage conditions is among them.

The reception of raw materials from suppliers, a batching for shipment to clients and a storage of finished products take place at our warehouses.