Guarantee of high quality of plant raw materials
About company
"Sumifitopharmatsia" LLC is a Ukrainian company specializing in the cultivation, collection, processing and sale of medicinal plant raw materials, spices and natural ingredients for tea. In addition to the main activity, the enterprise also provides services for grinding, granulation, purification from impurities, production of powders of medicinal plant raw materials. "Sumifitopharmatsia" LLC is a leader in the production of plant raw materials for the pharmaceutical and food industries in Eastern Europe.
The range of our products is what makes us one of the market leaders We work with more than 400 names of medicinal plant raw materials, which are grown and collected in Ukraine, and which are purchased in the countries of Asia, Africa, Europe and South America.
Quality control
Product quality and its control is what makes every company competitive on the market and gives an opportunity to achieve its goals. Quality control at Sumyfitopharmatsia LLC is carried out by the Quality Control Department (QC) with the help of a laboratory accredited to conduct analyzes of medicinal plant raw materials for compliance with the requirements of the Ukrainian Pharmacopoeia.